Home Portable Six-head Cervical Massager



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Home Portable Six-head Cervical Massager

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Six-head cervical spine massager portable nursing neck physiotherapy device multifunctional hot compress household factory direct sales



Power supply mode: USB

Control method: mechanical

Applicable parts: neck

Massage techniques: patting, massage, acupressure, kneading

Massage contacts: 3

Color: white, pink, blue, red


Package Content:

Cervical Massager*1

Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 220 × 215 × 120 cm

Blue, Pink, Red, White

55 reviews for Home Portable Six-head Cervical Massager

  1. T***t

    Beautiful product packaging and appearance, massage area is large, external electric patches very nice, everything is perfect!!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  2. G***d

    all my friends said it's terrific.

  3. A***t

    Beautiful massager, it's very comfortable to put it on the neck, the massageable area is larger, I like it better than the other used.
    no remarkno remark

  4. S***s

    Appearance of massager is cool, and its very comfortable to wear on the neck, the current strength is adjustable, I am experiencing it.
    no remark

  5. U***e

    trust me, you can take it home.

  6. G***t

    you really can enjoy this great product.

  7. J***s

    Massager is very beautiful and has complete accessories. I adjust the current according to my neck needs, The massage effect is great..
    no remarkno remark

  8. J***g

    I received this package soon and it looked great. Massager has 6 massage units to act on the neck and cervical spine in a large area.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  9. P***s

    Delivery is very fast, packaging and accessories are complete, the appearance is simple and lightweight. It looks very nice.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  10. C***n

    The massage area of 6 units is large, which is very good. Moreover, its price is not expensive, and delivery speed of packages is fast.
    no remark

  11. L***t

    Beautiful massager, the current patch is very good, it can be pasted on any part of the body and massage at the same time.Great
    no remarkno remark

  12. S***z

    perhaps the best one I have got.

  13. A***l

    the shipment is flawless.

  14. C***n

    A good neck massager, the metal sheet material is very delicate and smooth, and the external massage patches.
    no remarkno remark

  15. L***e

    won't regret purchasing this.

  16. D***n

    I like this white one, and the massage area is large, more people will like it.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  17. E***n

    Delivery time is very fast, I like this pink one, it is my favorite color.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  18. A***s

    My experience is very good, I use it almost every day,and I have become more and more comfortable with the higher current intensity.
    no remarkno remark

  19. I***r

    This package was delivered to me very fast. I like this beautiful massager very much, everthing looks perfect.
    no remarkno remark

  20. B***a

    besides the lovely price, the quality is also quite convincing.

  21. M***e

    I still don't know how it works.

  22. R***r

    Not exactly where the remote

  23. C***o

    Very good article

  24. N***v

    Do not take from this seller, the goods came defective, and the seller did not return all the money.

  25. A***


  26. G***e

    Very good massage from the first time

  27. L***a

    приятно греет и покалывает током.

  28. V***b

    No massage but electrice pulses and only the middle 2 work but.

  29. F***r

    Very happy with the purchase. Interesting product and if useful. Excellent price quality ratio. I recommend.

  30. I***o

    Good massager, 4 modes, 15 intensity levels, warming up to 42 degrees.

  31. A***a

    I don't recommend it. This doesn't massage, it gives like electric shock and pulsations. But nothing to do with massage, it's not very pleasant what q does

  32. A***v

    Из шести элементов греют только два по центру ,остальные элементы только массирую ,и брак в разъёме ,не подстёгивается один элемент
    no remark

  33. S***c

    Very good. Fast shiping. I tested and work perfect. Easy to use. I'm very pleased. I recommend to others

  34. S***y

    Not literally a massager. Sends al. Pulses + thermal effect. Started testing.

  35. R***r

    Thank you so much good luck

  36. V***k

    is geen massage mr geeft elektrische impulsen .

  37. N***n

    Очень хороший и полезный прибор!!!!!
    no remarkno remark

  38. E***g


  39. P***y

    A good neck massager, my neck feel warm and comfortable.

  40. V***i

    The goods came safe and safe

  41. J***u

    She doesn't massage, she gives little downloads. I think it's not a good article.

  42. E***n

    Smaller then expected (in a good way), but I wish the manual was a bit more clearer and that you could visual see on what mode it's on. Now I have hurt myself a few times because I can't tell which mode it's on and how strong.

  43. C***r

    It works great though it is recommended to give water to your neck before wearing it
    It does effect on pain and is super nice.

  44. V***V

    I can't deal with the office yet.

  45. S***v

    Looks great looking. it seems to be working .. but has not completely figured out yet. Toki well beat

  46. K***s

    But the seller has always been in touch. consulted. explained. came to a universal solution to the problem.
    I recommend the seller and the store!!!!!!!

  47. 0***r

    Produit compliant

  48. V***r

    I came quickly, right now I'm with him. Very unusual massage, mostly tingling current. So far I can not say anything about the effect, so I'll add a review later.
    no remark

  49. J***A

    massager as described and very fast shipping

  50. S***l

    I’m really happy with this one but one thing is fast Emty
    no remark

  51. T***j


  52. T***s

    thanks but it came very very late with the 7 day delivery

  53. F***s


  54. C***s

    I tried great and very practical. I'm very happy. The headset is wireless which is very convenient to use. I recommend this article that does good to the body. Thank you and in addition I received it very quickly.

  55. R***a


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